Poetry Slam Volume 2

December 10, 2011

The second installment of my poetry. I hope you enjoy it. The poems are listed below:


Blue ink on paper folded in envelopes embossed with stamps. something so ordinary yet strangely extraordinary

Blue ink on paper his name replaced Now number 573-356 He fondly remembers The outside world How we bonded fishing, hunting, baseball Reduced to memories

Blue ink on paper He writes me promising new hope Life after hell I read smiling embracing sweet nothings Denying earthly desires

Blue ink on paper coming from behind steel bars so close and yet so far counting down the days Until he comes home from this hell

called prison


There’s no use anymore You’ve burnt all of your bridges I try time and time again to maintain the relationship

But you ignore me I plead for you to talk to me Only getting the voicemail Time and time again what a great day to be a leper

I’ve always been the ugly duckling The person everyone leaves behind I never could keep up With the status quo All the bullshit fads and diets

I thought that I had found solace A group of outcasts accepting me as their own kin in their misery I found a home and thought What a great day to be a leper

But it didn’t last Nothing golden can stay Never had I thought My own kin would abandon me But surely as time wears on My memory is faded


Let me speak clear and direct Let me speak straight from the heart Lately I've been in so much pain My nerves are gone I watch them unravel As i try to keep it together They spew out like hay from the scarecrow My friends, they seem lie a joke. To them I am transparent, non existing My heart shatters as i try In vain to embrace them Only to find myself hugging stale air. Once again the good guys finish last Once again I've been forgotten My love cast aside once again I will hide


I pace these halls in an eternal purgatory Never ending this carnival of horrors These lies still haunt me to the end Even after i confessed my sins to god Righteousness is never really right Not in the eyes of the all mighty All that ever really matters is how much green you give Life is nothing more than a scam, get rich quick

Still, I walk these halls of the damned Trying to remember what it is i've done Running, but going nowhere. I die Ungracious bastards walk over my bloated body Giggling at my disposition in death. God, surely your just. Why must i suffer? Lies, is it for all the lies i've pushed? Even in death, i can't escape. All i do is sink, sink further down, into hell


These tarnished hands fail to reap a bounty worthy of your mention Words uttered from my mouth in sardonic stones, listen to my tale Notes past, carried upon winds of trade held words of passion From you and i, we've led this lie, not not knowing our fate. unbeknownst to us was the tale of Romeo and Juliet. As I read your words again, and again, hoping to conjure your spirit to kindle my ailing heart. Cruel Irony sank in, fore there by mine name there was the mark of self proclaimed star-crossed lovers. Attempting to convey passion for your sake, i proclaimed Romeo. Tears of pain scroll down these cheeks, longing for your embrace. Your abscence has not gone without regard. Every eve i lay for sleep, my heart calls out I find myself whispereing through weary lips 'Good night Courtney, my love'


If i gave you my heart would you cherish it? All these emotions run rampant through me These Reoccurring nightmares take control Divided emotions within leave a split lip upon my soul. The cavernous gash contrasting my bittersweet lust. My hearts desires contradicts itself leading down two opposing paths. Both beautiful in their own sickly nature. My mind is twisted by Insanity and social norms. Wrenching a decision through my pores Leaving me out to dry hallowed and alone. The tough decision not yet made The piper not yet paid. One heart will be mended One heart will be shattered And one heart will be scattered


Her Beauty Taunts my hand, Daring me to fold under analyzing eyes. Her impression upon my being not noticed, Til her presence be removed. Disappointment burdens my thoughts, As it leads in ten different paths. None of which ends in a nigh euphoric manner. Miniscule relations held to hide the gap that she left. Not a one comes close to simplistic beauty her face held, Lacking her loving, soft spoken words, Their lips sting me, releasing their toxins into my flow. A lone longing for that faitful day fills me, Lusting for her gental touch, soothing my soul Lulling my conscience, and bringing me peace

PT 1

The summer breeze shifted into winter chills above our head.

You and I had only each other to use for warmth, a love eternal and ever distant. slowly the tides pulled you away, but i heard you scream " i'll find you someday!" Still laying in the fields of frosted wheat, covered in a blanket of white i hear you. You say those words that lovers speak, the ones of desire and lust. Words that drive a man to no end. I wandered through the woods, and found a town with no name. The empty houses felt like intimate suicide, i wandered through the town until i found a stick house withered with age. The lady said "She was here, but you are too late. She has passed through to the city" The whole scene faded out to a television set. Upon the cracked screen a young woman was singing, my heart leapt.

At my feet a messege had been burnt into the pavement. They read "search not for love, but let love find you" With a smirk on my face i walked down the street. Above me the buildings were burning, and their cinders reigned down upon me. My frosted heart gained warmth, and i found salvation in an alley. There i lay down and waited for you to find me, but you didn't come. I think I'll sleep here for a bit. Yes, sleep....i'll see you there at least.


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